Volunteers Believe Trees Are The Answer In Carbon County

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SUMMIT HILL -- How do you beautify your community and bring a touch of the past? A community in Carbon County believes it has the answer.

Trees and plants produce the oxygen that keeps us alive. Trees are also used to help beautify a community. On this day volunteers, finished planting a tree in Summit Hill.

"We wanted to restore the beauty of Summit Hill," said Lou Vermillion. "The trees in the park and on the streets were gone and we saw pictures at the turn of the century or the early 1900s  and we made an effort to form a shade tree commission."

Vermillion is a member of the shade tree commission and donates the use of his machine. At another location, his backhoe is used to dig into the earth to make way for another tree.  Vermillion says it's best to plant trees in the fall.  He was helped by another volunteer, John Kupec.

"I see the fruits of my labor over the last 10 years. As you drive through the town, you can see the trees along the streets and in the parks," Kupec said.

The Summit Hill Shade Tree Commission says their goal is to make trees educational.

"All the different trees will be marked on a pamphlet or something. Young children can walk through the parks and learn about all different kinds of trees."

Vermillion says the trees will thrive when we pass away.

"My kids and grandkids live in town and they helped to plant them and they'll appreciate them more than I when they mature."

Shade tree commission officials say since the year 2000, they've planted 450 trees and they'd like to plant 450 more.