Fund Established for Family Of Drowning Victim

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VANDLING — A community is coming together to help a family in Lackawanna County.

A memorial fund has been set up for a toddler who drowned earlier this week.

Police believe Holden Wayman, age 2, got onto a neighbor’s property on Ash Street in Vandling through holes in the fence. The boy was found in the pool Monday.

The drowning was ruled an accident.

The family says they do not hold the owner of the pool responsible and call it a terrible accident.

Donations can be made at any First National Bank branch to the Holden Wayman Memorial.

The funds will go to the family to assist them with funeral and other costs.


  • Anonymous

    There are no scammers taking advantage of this family. This family is just looking to finacially gain from the unfortunate events.

  • HG

    The funeral arrangements were done at no cost, according to the woman that has set up the account for donations. ALL donations go to the family that are placed into the account at FNB. I do believe there is more to this story and it should be further investigated. I work for a local business and I’ve had the mother of Holden call and “remind” us that there is an account set up, and asking us if we could make donations. Personally, if the shoe was on the other foot, I would be appreciative of what people could give me, not sticking my hands out asking for it. This tragedy is very uneasy for me, because I feel there is no justice for that little boy.

    • Ann

      I’m not sure why someone at a bank would set up a fund for someone if they didn’t need it. Seems like a stupid thing to do. There have been many scammers taking advantage of this family. Just so ya know.

  • confused

    The funeral is being done for free. The family doesn’t have to pay for any funeral costs. Why is this memorial set up? What will the donations be used for?

    • Anonymous

      Unless you are the family or an employee at the funeral home how do you know the funeral will be done for free? Not too many funeral home directors who are that generous or can afford to do that.

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