New PA License Plates Label Teen Drivers

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TUNKHANNOCK -- It is Teen Driver Safety Week in Pennsylvania and to mark the week, PennDOT is actually marking teenagers behind the wheel.

The state is now making available specialty license plates for parents to buy that will signify a teenager is driving.  We asked teens and parents in Wyoming County what they think about it.

When a car is pulling out of a high school parking lot, you can figure there's a good chance a teenager will behind the wheel. But out on the road, it's not so easy to know that an inexperienced driver is in that car in front of you.

Now, Pennsylvania is trying to change that, with specialty teen driver plates.

Parents can get them for $20. It comes with a seal declaring "teen driver, please be courteous."

Krystal Kwiatkowski is a teen driver. Her sister Lindsey has a learners permit.

"Having something that says there's a teenager driving would be a good idea to let people around them know.  Because teenagers are like that, they have that risk around them.  They're young and they're stupid," laughed Krystal.

"I wouldn't want people to be afraid to drive around me, but I do think it would be good for other teenagers to let everyone know," Lindsey said.

Julie Collette's daughter is about to be a driver. She wouldn't mind labeling her with the teen driver plate.

"It will actually ensure me that people would know that she is a teen driver," she said.

But other parents with teens out on the road don't think it's for them.

"To me, it wouldn't bother me if my daughter had a license plate that said teenager or not. I know she's a safe driver because I made sure she was a safe driver."

What about other drivers who see these plates on those teen driven cars? We asked if that would change their driving at all.

"Maybe back off a little bit, yeah. You don't know. They obviously don't have as much experience as other people on the road have," said Erick Perez of Tunkhannock.

The teen driver specialty plates are $20. For more information on how to get one, click here.


  • Ernest Roebuck

    In Europe when a teen gets his or her permit they get a red plate about 6×6 with a white L on it to mount to the car plate that let’s you know there is a learner driving the car I think that is a vary good Idea you tend to have ore patents with them

  • angus

    How about “gossip mom on cell phone”, “Warning, I double park!”
    “Kids on board not in seatbealts”, “I ignore stop signs”. Dumbest 20 bucks someone could spend!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jonathan Daddario

    im far more concernd about the 55+ crowd that cat make it to the speed limit! and is too busy eating ice cream cones and stopping at yard sales and cant see over the steering wheel in their buick or f-150

  • David Hojecki

    I have two comments. First: what about new drivers that are not teens? Although there are fewer they are still inexperienced. Second: Stupid drivers come in all ages. How about a ” AT RISK DRIVER” plate for people who have multiple traffic citations.

  • Pete estathayou

    I put more faith in older drivers that share the roads with me than the younger ones.

    They have more experience and are less prone to speed,and play with cell phones behind the wheel, unlike every other “younger” driver that I notice engaging in such activity.

  • Marie Ann

    Many teen drivers are just foolish and careless. They don’t care and they think they are above the law and nothing will happen to them. Just ask the fool who tipped his car pulling out of school at Valley View a few weeks ago. Waiting to be pulled from the crashed vehicle the kid was Instagraming being stuck in the car. Driving is a joke to many teens because they think they are infallible. With this mindset, they cause accidents that hurt others. I agree that older drivers can be just as problematic but sadly, they are not out there trying to be cool behind the wheel. The difference between the older driver and the teen driver (again, in many cases, but not all) is poor reflexes versus poor judgment. As inexperienced drivers, many teens don’t take the responsibility of being behind the wheel as seriously as they should. That is a costly mistake. The PA teen license plate would signal to me to be mindful of the teen driver who most likely may not be driving as mindful as they should be.

  • Amber

    What about license plates for persons of the age 65+? We should know when there are senior citizens behind the wheel too. Their reflexes should be compared to someone drivig under the influence. Their reactions are slower and their vision is bad.

    • Lenny

      That is a good and fair idea, while many accidents are caused by inexperienced teen drivers , older drivers cause more accidents than any other age groups because they do not have the reflex they once had. Older drivers can not see and hear as well as they once did is another factor.

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