Bikers, Boaters Excited to Head Back to Gap After Shutdown

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The Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area is open and Mike Heinz is pumped to get pedaling.

"Here I am, I am ready to go, I am doing it," said Heinz.

He assumed the government shutdown meant during his vacation in the Poconos he would miss out on biking along the Mcdade trail.

"I had already written it off, when we came up here I actually had not packed any riding clothes," said Mike Heinz of Phoenixville. "I had not packed any stuff."

He'll have plenty of elbow room on the trail, during our visit to Smithfield beach we saw Mike.

One boat fishing, One couple strolling, and one group of students from New Jersey enjoying a picnic and a card game.

"Were you worried the park would be closed because of the shutdown?"

"Before we came here we did some research and it said the park is open so we just came here," said New Jersey Resident Jianing Xu.

Local businesses are hoping it's not too late to draw a crowd. When he's not chasing chickens trying to cross the road, Chuck Cooper owns a nearby business that rents boats and bikes. He says the shutdown meant losing two weeks prime for paddling.

"This year we would have been slammed, because the weather was beautiful," said Cooper. "We normally don't have an October where the weather is great, the foliage is great, just usually doesn't happen like this. "

Businesses like Edge of the Woods have to make hay while the sun shines, but even though there is still color in the trees, there is no way to make up for missing Columbus day weekend

"We had a rainy June, and a cold August, so a good fall can really save you which it would have this year," said Cooper.

He says as news spreads that the park has re-opened reservations are coming in. Now maybe mother nature can help compensate for Uncle Sam.

"We will be open till it gets too cold."