Hanover Township EMS Thinks Pink

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HANOVER TOWNSHIP -- An ambulance company in Luzerne County is sporting pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It's hard not to notice an ambulance, but it's really hard not to notice an ambulance as pink as this one.

"Residents, everybody everywhere we go seem to really love it."

Multiply this one ambulance by three, add a few signatures, and you've got the current fleet of trucks at Hanover Township EMS.

They wrapped their trucks in pink for the month for breast cancer awareness.

A donation will allow you to sign the truck. It started in honor of their friend and ER nurse, Genna Kundratic, who was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer almost eight years ago.

She signed the truck herself a few weeks ago.

"I would have written it much bigger but my handwriting was so off, and my counts were so low," said breast cancer survivor Genna Kundratic.

"She has been a friend and coworker of pretty much everybody here for many, many years," said Hanover Township paramedic Ronni Koval.

Money raised through donations will help pay her medical bills, as well as the bills of little Juliana Ziomkowski, of Sugar Notch, who was diagnosed with leukemia earlier this year.

It's minimum of $1 to sign the truck, and these dollars and signatures mean a lot to the people this all supports.

"They really are my family and it's like they realize when I'm just so down and things are so bad that I really need that extra lift," said Kundratic.

When Juliana's mother found out her family would get some of the donations.

"I think I started crying again. I cry a lot. But tears of joy," said Juliana's mother Bonnie Ziomkowski of Sugar Notch.

The pink trucks will be at a benefit for Juliana this weekend in Ashley and at a fundraiser next Sunday in Hanover Township, all in the hopes of raising $10,000 to help this woman and little girl fight cancer.