Students And Seniors Decorate Bicentennial Buffalo

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KELLY TOWNSHIP -- Fiberglass buffalo continue to roam all over Union County as part of the county's bicentennial celebration.

Youngsters and senior citizens got together Wednesday to decorate one.

Each municipality in Union County was given a buffalo to decorate and put on display.

Senior citizens and students joined forces to decorate the buffalo in Kelly Township.  They gathered at Riverwoods Senior Living Community near Lewisburg.

"Bringing the kids in, having them put their fingerprints on it was really to incorporate more of that community feel," said John McDonough of Riverwoods Senior Living Community.

The students are third graders at Kelly Elementary School and they earned this chance to leave their marks on the buffalo.  The school had a "book the bison" reading competition.

"They read over 106,000 minutes of extra reading outside of the school day," said elementary principal Chris Ruhl.

"I read about, I think, 25 books," said third grader Reagan Malloy.

"I read the whole series of Diary of a Wimpy Kid. That's seven, and then I read some of Judy Blume's books," said third grader Hamzah Aboueid.

The residents tell us the best part of this entire experience was interacting with the third graders.

"They say kids are so bad nowadays, but I don't believe it!" said Riverwoods resident Ruth Brown.

"I think the kids learn a lot from being around seniors," McDonough added.  "Our residents obviously love being around children.  For them it's almost like a group of grandchildren coming to see them."

"I thought it would be really fun to go and paint the bison.  I thought it was going to be a real bison," Reagan Malloy said.

All of the buffalo will be displayed outside the Campus Theater in Lewisburg at the end of the month and people can vote on which one they like the best.

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