Columbus Commemoration On Courthouse Square

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SCRANTON — The Columbus Day Association of Lackawanna County held its annual wreath-laying at the Columbus statue in Scranton Monday morning.

About a dozen people showed up for the 105th year of the event at Courthouse Square.

columbus statue

Statue of Christopher Columbus in Scranton

The organization is dedicated to “remembering and honoring” Christopher Columbus.

Something different this year was a man dressed like Columbus to oversee the ceremony.

The group held its annual dinner Sunday night. Money raised went to charity, including the St. Francis of Assisi kitchen in Scranton.


  • ShawnsMom

    Honor Columbus? He came here for gold and to add land to the empire. And the Natve population who greeted him with open arms he butchered without mercy for not coming to Christ. And Saint Francis of Assisi receives the money? St. Francis cries from heaven. Now the US Government is looting it`s own citizens. Poetic Justice.

  • John Smith

    Oh Yea, Columbus day, just another day for the lazy government to give all their people off, with pay of course. Should call it “The Fleecing of the Taxpayer Day” Just think of how much taxpayer money is wasted so these people can sit home, get paid, and do nothing. If they want the day off,take vacation time or personal time like any other hard working person has to. Especially when the government wants to go and cut different spending that affects everyday people, start in your own house government, no more free days off with pay government employees. I can see getting the major holidays off, but Columbus day?

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