UPDATE: Man Killed in Crash Was Being Good Samaritan

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MAYFIELD -- One person is dead, and three are hurt after a crash in Lackawanna County Saturday night.

Police said three vehicles slammed together, around 11:30 p.m., near Exit 5  of Route 6 in Mayfield.

According to Dunmore police, Michael Natali of Wayne County, pulled onto the side of the road because of a flat tire. Then police said, Richard Cummings, 30, of Scranton, pulled over to assist Natali.

Dunmore police said an SUV drove by, hitting Cummings, and killing him.

The SUV also hit Natali, and a 17 year old who was with them, before flipping the SUV.

The Lackawanna County Coroner pronounced Cummings dead at the scene.  Police said the rest were taken to hospitals.

No word on the conditions of Natali, the juvenile or the SUV driver at this time.

The westbound lanes of Route 6 were closed during the investigation in Lackawanna County.


  • jill

    Rikki will be greatly missed. I will never forget the way he always made me smile, he had the best sense of humor.

  • Barbara Greene

    I cannot understand how this woman could have not seen two cars on the side of the road. The law tells us to move to the other lane when cars are stopped at the side of the road. And also to slow down when going by stopped cars. She had to be speeding to hit both cars and flipping her own. Hope the State Police charge her!! This woman who caused the death of this kind man needs to be charged with manslaughter. This victim’s family should sue her in civil court. She does not belong on the road. Her privilege to drive should be revoked. Not many people would have stopped to help another. This was a kind and good man. I will pray for his family, their loss is great.

  • Unknown

    How do you people know she even saw them it’s 11:30 at night and pitch black. Coming around a turn you’re not going to be prepare for cars to be pull over on a highway. Nobody has proof if she was drinking and driving so don’t assume.

  • Ed Jankauskas

    As I mourn the loss of my friend Ricky, an outstanding sous chief, and more importantly proud father of a baby girl who turns one today, May his family be blessed with warm loving light in their time of sorrow and great need, To those dehumanizing this tragic event with tangential debate, be cognizant that you implicitly infer ‘if he only had the sense to call 911, this wouldn’t have happened’. Ricky was a kind, good man, and this typified his selflessness. He wasn’t someone without common sense, He made a choice, and may his good intentions inspire our community to rally around his family, and especially the baby girl he lovingly told me about not so long ago.

    • Maria

      Yes. The world needs more people like Ricky Cummings, instead we have one less. He was intelligent, loving, honest, hard working, talented….. the best of the best. My deepest condolences to his family. Godspeed my friend.

  • Fran. Morris

    My heart is breaking for that family and for you! I can’t understand the ignorant drivers who can’t slow down when they see someone beside the road! So many patrolmen have been killed down the same way. I hope the fines get stiffer for those responsible for driving so irresponsibly! God Bless your family!!!

  • BisF

    My heart goes out to you Mary, and your family. I lost my boyfriend in a tragic accident two months ago. stay strong.

  • Larissa

    “Grant” saying that he should of called 911 instead of helping the people is pretty rude.. He was being a good guy, pulled over and decided to help because he seen someone with a flat tire.. I don’t think you would appreciate it if that was your son in that situation and someone said he should of just called 911 instead of helping. Nobody calls 911 for a flat tire, let’s be real now. If someone wasn’t being an idiot and drunk driving nothing bad would of happend.

    • dave

      Larissa…Did you read my comment… My first comment… about grant and his comment about calling 911. His comment was not rude… it was ignorant… big difference. You accuse her of being drunk, which just might be correct… do you have first hand knowledge she was drunk? I know that pain all too well… having lost my brother who was killed bu a drunk driver at the age of 27.

  • larissa

    Grant,lets have some common sense, nobody calls 911 for a flat tire, no need for the rude comments. How would you feel if that was one of your family members.

  • Richard Bush

    So sad……not sure what happened in this case but I drive truck for s living …. and it seems that no one moves over anymore for such things on the side of the road……god bless everyone evolved.

  • Grant

    If you want to help someone stuck on the side o the road call 911.
    The more cars you have the bigger the party and the greater the danger.

    • dave

      Grant… call 911 to help someone with a flat tire? Really… imagine that, imagine the 911 system if everyone who saw a flat tire on the side of the road… called 911…come on man. How about this… if you as a driver, see multiple cars and people on the side of the road… SLOW DOWN AND PROCEED WITH CAUTION. Just a thought

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