Searching For Lacey’s Abuser In The Poconos

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STROUD TOWNSHIP -- An animal shelter in the Poconos needs help finding the owner of an abused dog found tied to a pole in Wind Gap.

That dog is now back at the shelter where it was adopted from nearly two years ago. The dog's name is Lacey and about two years ago, she was adopted from Animal Welfare Society of Monroe (AWSOM) by a woman from Stroudsburg.

But Lacey was found two days ago abandoned and abused, and shelter officials are hoping to find the last registered owner of the dog to find out what happened.

Right now, Lacey is recovering from her wounds after shelter officials say she was abused then left tied to a pole in Wind Gap near the Monroe County line earlier this week.

"She's in really bad shape," said AWSOM operations coordinator David Carbone.

Carbone helps run the AWSOM animal shelter near Stroudsburg. He says the most disheartening piece of this story is that a local vet found a microchip in Lacey that showed she had been adopted from AWSOM animal shelter just a year and a half ago.

"It looks like either she was kept in a cage with no mobility, so she has a lot of scarring on her back. The rear of her from just sitting for hours, what happens, it starts to scar over," Carbone said.

Lacey has wounds on her rear area, under her belly, and also on her ears. Lacey is infected with a highly contagious disease called mange so she will be quarantined inside a room and inside a cage for about two weeks, until she is all healed up.

"She's under almost 24 hour watch here, because she suffers from seizures. So we have staff members who will watch Lacey around the clock," Carbone added.

Now Carbone is on a mission to find Lacey's last registered owner, Shaunna Hock of Stroudsburg, and find out what happened.

"Although we're not saying she did anything wrong, we want to question her and say listen, we have your dog."

Lacey the dog is doing well and Carbone says she's recovering nicely but is not ready for adoption yet.

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