Project To Clear All The Leaves In Honesdale

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HONESDALE -- The leaves have really started to fall in most of our area and for many people that means it's time to rake.

We were in Wayne County and found that in Honesdale, one leaf project is a big one, even involving some plows.

The leaves have fallen and now they're flying, being cleared away by Honesdale borough workers.

The big Central Park was covered with leaves in the morning and a crew was hours into the job getting rid of them all.

"It takes quite a while but these save a lot of time," Mark Daniels said.

By these, he means leaf blowers, certainly a tool he and his colleagues are loving.

"It would take a long time to do it (without leaf blowers)."

"They're a life saver," laughed another worker. "That takes a lot of our raking away."

When you just see leaves blowing around, it's hard to see the system they have.  All the leaves are blown to the middle. They even have a plow, and then they're all scooped up.

Even the plows you usually see pushing snow are at work helping get rid of all these leaves. When they're loaded up, they'll be hauled off to turn into mulch for people's gardens.

And while the workers were hard at work, they had an audience, especially little Bobby Barrett. He's new to this whole fall leaf thing.

"Anything with machinery he loves."
"He seems like he's liking the leaves a little, too."
"Yeah, first fall he's been through that he's been cognizant."

And fall is far from over. As they clear Central Park, the borough crew knows there are plenty more leaves lurking above.