Truck Driver Describes Deadly Bus Wreck On I-80

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WHITE DEER TOWNSHIP — A woman was killed and dozens of others were hurt after a bus slammed into a tractor-trailer on Interstate 80 in Union County.

The Greyhound bus heading from New York City to Cleveland on Interstate 80 west crashed into the back of a tractor-trailer around 1:40 a.m. Wednesday.

A Greyhound spokesperson says this bus was carrying 49 passengers plus the driver.  State police say somehow the Greyhound slammed into the back of the rig that was hauling garbage.

One woman on the bus did not survive.

Within minutes the crash scene on Interstate 80 between Lewisburg and Mile Run swarmed with emergency crews and medical helicopters.

Patient after patient was taken away to area hospitals, 44 people in all including the bus driver, according to a representative with Greyhound.

In the daylight a clearer picture of the damage emerged. You can see the bus lodged several feet into the back of the tractor-trailer.

Akos Gubica was driving the rig when his truck was rammed by the bus.

"Just a big jolt from behind me, I pulled over to the shoulder, got out of my truck there just a lot of screaming from the people on the bus, people climbing out of the windows."

Gubica says he hauls garbage along this stretch of Interstate 80 almost every three days.

"I've been driving truck for about 17 years and I've never had anything like this happen before."

When it comes to reconstructing this crash, state police tell us it's a much more tedious process than usual because of the number of people involved in this wreck. Not only do investigators have to find out exactly where those 49 passengers were sitting at the time of the crash, they also have to go through all of the debris strewn over the highway which could help with their investigation.


  • Deontre B

    First of all..Interstate 80 across the state of PA is EXTREME MOUNTAIN TERRAIN. More than likely, the trucker was at a low set speed with flashers due to him traveling up a hill, in which if he was loaded, that would cause him to have to travel slow. I hope I was able to answer your question..who I now drive for Greyhound and an ex trucker.

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