Work Trailer Stolen From Wayne County Site

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LAKE TOWNSHIP -- Investigators are searching for the person who dragged a loaded work trailer from a construction job in Wayne County.

Thousands of dollars in tools were hauled off, leaving the builders and a homeowner wondering what to do.

John Hreha has worked construction for 20 years and he said he has never had a problem like this.

"We've heard stories about things happening but nothing has ever happened to us. We've never even had a hammer disappear from a job."

Hreha and his father have a business, Hreha and Son Construction based in the Lake Ariel area, and late last week, someone stole a 24-foot work trailer from them.

John Hreha has been working to build a house in Lake Township, Wayne County. That is where Hreha had his work trailer, filled with all the tools of his trade. Despite the fact that it was locked, someone stole that trailer and everything inside.

"I looked up out of the windshield of my truck and it was gone, just couldn't believe it," said Hreha.

Daniel Highhouse is the homeowner and when he heard the trailer was stolen, he was shocked.

"I can't believe, even in the middle of the night. That's an awful big trailer to take."

With no tools, Hreha cannot work, but luckily, friends pitched in to help and Hreha said things are still on track to finish the home by Christmas.

"A lot of friends and previous customers and suppliers have shown up, they showed up Friday and we had people calling to loan us tools and get us supplies to keep us going here."

State police are investigating and Hreha said friends have been trying to help, too, by keeping their eyes open for anyone trying to sell tools.

"We're a family business. We've been around for a long time. You work hard to make a dollar and be honest about it, and for something like this happens, it's going to affect our lives for the next few years to be able to rebuild from a loss like this."

Tuesday night, Hreha got a call that police had located his trailer in Philadephia. The trailer is empty and Hreha is hoping to get it back soon. He is also hoping investigators soon find the thief or thieves.

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