Broken Elevator Leaves Seniors Stranded

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NANTICOKE -- A broken elevator has several elderly residents stranded in a high-rise apartment in Nanticoke.

The housing authority says the building's only elevator has been broken down since Saturday and won't be fixed for at least a few more days.

Some residents at the Nanticoke Towers high rise say they've been taking the stairs since a generator malfunction Saturday.

But many people living in the six-floor high rise can't get out at all and officials say they may be stuck for a while.

The city's housing authority says a generator malfunction has put the Nanticoke tower's only elevator out of service.

Andy Salek, 87, uses a walker to get around but says he can't venture down the five floors of stairs.

"No, I wouldn't take the risk. I would maybe make it down, but (not) coming up."

Salek had groceries delivered, and can't take his usual walks outside.

Down two floors and about 30 some steps, resident Mary Miskiel was stranded as well.

"We're all mad that it's broken. They said in about two days that it would be fixed."

She mostly uses a walker, but says if the elevator isn't fixed by Monday, she may miss her doctor's appointment.

"No, my legs aren't strong enough."

Without a working elevator and with so many stairs to climb, residents at Nanticoke Towers say they'll be looking out for one another until this problem is fixed.

"I've gone to some of the people on my floor (and said) 'if I'm going out, do you need anything? I'll bring it back for you," said Carol Grabinski.

Grabinski's husband can't do the stairs but she can. Others consider themselves lucky to be able to make the trip down six flights of stairs every other day like 17-year resident Evelyn Ogin.

"Struggling for me but I sit on the step and rest a bit. I'll make maybe one or two flights and then I have to rest a bit."

Many are staying positive about taking the stairs.

"Just grin and bear it," said Grabinski. "Make the best of it."

The Nanticoke Housing Authority hopes to have the elevator repaired by Friday.

Until then, any resident needing assistance with groceries, or anything else can give the authority a call.