UGI: Natural Gas Sales Soar

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As we head into the winter months more and more homes are making the switch to natural gas in order to heat and save money.

UGI officials predict you're going to see a lot more of this activity, a crew connecting a new gas line to a home. This time it's Pottsville. Gas company representatives said the owners can save $1,500 a year in heating costs by switching from oil to natural gas. That's what Holly Moyer is doing.

"Oil is expensive, and we talked to our neighbor, and he also converted from oil and saved a lot of money so we thought it would be worth it," said Holly Moyer, homeowner.

That neighbor is Dave Kunstak who dumped his oil fired furnace last fall.

"We're both retired now, and it does help with the pocketbook," said Dave Kunstak, homeowner.

UGI officials said more people are going to natural gas.

"We've seen a record amount of residential conversations over the last three years. We've had almost 30,000 customers convert to natural gas," said Joe Swope of UGI.

UGI said one of the reasons natural gas is priced lower than electric or oil heat is because of the gas wells in our area.

"Because you have tremendous supply, because you have a hurricane proof supply, it's not going to get disrupted by a hurricane in the gulf or anything," said Swope.

UGI officials said if the trend continues, you're going to see more installations of natural gas.