Suspicious Fire Wrecks Homes and Fire House

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MOUNT CARBON -- A fire that started in a double block home in Schuylkill County and collapsed onto a fire house next door is being called suspicious today.

Firefighters in Mount Carbon are heartbroken over what has happened and some neighbors are on edge.

Demolition equipment took down part of the Mount Carbon fire company to allow firefighters to get at hot spots.

An intense fire destroyed two homes and wrecked the fire house. A firefighter was hurt when a piece of equipment he was using touched a live wire. He's recovering at home.

Officials say the blaze started in a vacant, open and dilapidated home. From there it spread to another occupied home and the fire house.  the Fire Chief calls the cause suspicious.

Neighbor Scott Dietrich said he's worried.

"I think we have a pyro techno setting vacant places on fire, what`s next?  I'm afraid next time it won't be a vacant house."

Dave Smith's sister was burned out but escaped the flames. He wonders if the fire was set.

"It`s kind of hard to say when you have a place like that with no one living in it, easy access for people to get in and out of it, I'm not too surprised but disappointed and saddened but not too surprised." Smith said.

Jerry Strokelitus a 35 year member of the fire company is convinced there is a fire bug on the loose.

"Since we had one down the street by the old fire company, we got a sick person here."

A state police fire marshal has been called into investigate the blaze. He'll determine if the fire was an accident or deliberately set.

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