Relative Of Plane Crash Victims Talks

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MONROE TOWNSHIP -- A small plane crashed Friday afternoon in Snyder County, sending two people to the hospital.

The plane went down at an airfield near Selingsgrove and had the runway closed for hours.

A small plan ended up with its front end smashed at the Penn Valley Airport.

The fire chief there said the plane crashed during landing, however the two men inside were able to get out on their own.

They are now at the hospital.

According to the FAA`s website, the plane is a single engine piper, registered to a man from Lewisburg.

At the home that address in Lewisburg, Jane Croll said the pilot is her son-in-law Doug and his passenger is his uncle Todd.

She said getting news of the crash was a shock.

“The airport director called my daughter and she called me,” said Croll. “Doug`s a very experienced driver, pilot.”

The director of operations at the airport said the runway was closed for a few hours while crews removed the plane to a secure location for the investigation.

That investigation will be handled by the National Transportation Safety Board.

The director said he has contacted both the FAA and the NTSB and said it will be up to them to determine what happened.

“I’ve have many years of accident investigation experience and the thing that I learned very quickly is that most eyewitnesses are highly unreliable, that`s all you have is speculation at the moment of people who may have witnessed it,” said director Dave Hall.

According to the NTSB`s website, the agency has furloughed many employees due to the government shutdown.

The director at the airport said he doesn`t know if that will affect the investigation.

According to the relative we spoke to, both men in the plane are expected to be ok.