Free-Cycling to Reduce Landfill Waste

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MIDDLE SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP -- You've heard of recycle, e-cycle, and now there is free-cycle.

It's an event that started Thursday in the Poconos, where you can browse through your neighbors junk to find a treasure.

Amy Willoughby of Marshalls Creek doesn't see a township warehouse - filled with items like golf clubs, vinyl records, toys, and furniture - as junk. Instead, she sees the items as having some sort of potential.

"Hopefully there is something here I can refurbish," said Willoughby.

Inside the Middle Smithfield Township maintenance warehouse near Marshalls Creek is the second annual "free-cycle" event.

The items consist of things residents in the township didn't want and dropped off last week. If you come here and see something you like, it's yours, free of charge.

"This garage was filled with stuff last spring. So that all would have gone into a landfill," said Annette Atkinson, a Middle Smithfield Township supervisor.

Willoughby loves the idea of reducing landfill waste.

"It's great. There's a lot of needy people in the area who need things, who want things and it's a good way to recycle it," said Willoughby.

"I think it's great.  I think they should do it every year. It allows people who can't afford to buy a lot of things to come down and shop or get rid of things you don't need anymore," said Kathy Loughery of Middle Smithfield Township.

The three-day free-cycle event allows people to dig through their neighbors junk and find a treasure.

This free cycle event isn't the only thing Middle Smithfield Township officials are planning for next year.  In fact, they have a couple other new green ideas in store.

"One of the big plans is to have community gardens.  Part of our community gardens would be composting which would further reduce waste in the landfill," said Atkinson.

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