Blind Pastor Recovering From Being Hit By Car

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POTTSVILLE -- A blind pastor is recovering from injuries he suffered when he was run over in downtown Pottsville.

Reverend Darnell Golphin now gets around in a wheelchair at the Seton Manor nursing home. He suffered an ankle injury last month when he was run over in Pottsville.

Reverend Golphin said sometimes it's painful.

"They said one bone was shattered and the other bone was a clean break."

According to officers, Reverend Golphin was trying to cross the street at city hall, when he was struck by a car and thrown to the ground. The driver was not cited according to police because it was just an unfortunate accident. The woman driver briefly left the scene and then came back.

That frustrates Pastor Golphin.

"If it wasn't for the other pedestrians running over, I could have possibly gotten run over by somebody else." Golphin explained.

Reverend Golphin is blind. Most of Pottsville's intersections have devices to help the visually impaired cross the street. But the intersection at city hall does not have such a device.  Reverend Golphin blames that on why he walked into the path of the car.

"Perhaps they will put a verbal switch out there," Golphin said.

City officials say they will look into getting a device at that intersection to help the blind, although the devices are not mandated by federal law.

Reverend Golphin hopes to return to his church in Minersville for services this Sunday.

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  • barbara

    it was a hit and run and she didn’t get charge for it even tho she came back what it really is is racism out here in Pottsville I know I get it all the time now if it would of been a white person god forbid then they really would of done something about it

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