Ice Rink Opens for Season Despite Mild Temperatures

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SUNBURY -- Temperatures on Wednesday could hit the 80 degree mark and those looking to get a break from the heat are in luck.

On Tuesday the Sunbury Ice Rink in Northumberland County opened its doors for the season.

Tammy Robes works for the city and at the rink. She said they see a decent turnout every year. Robes believes they could see a better turnout if more people knew about the rink.

"A lot of them, I don't think, realize we have such a nice rink here. I think if they knew it was here they would utilize it a lot better," Robes said.

Even with the mild temperatures outside, workers inside are hoping to still see a crowd.

"Why not? You know it beats being out in the hot weather all the time," Mark Detz said.

Newswatch 16 found a few people taking advantage of the rink, from first timers to devoted skaters.

"Practice makes perfect, so the more I'm on the ice the better I'll be," Cpl. David Noblit said.

Corporal David Noblit stopped at the rink for the first time during the afternoon. He plays on the USA Warriors sled hockey team. The team is made up of veterans injured in the line of duty. Noblit lost both of his legs when he stepped on an IED in Afghanistan in 2010. He hopes to use this rink to sharpen his skills.

"We have practice in Rockville, Maryland so I don't have to drive three hours to go to practice. And then do the practice and drive three hours back home, do that or get a hotel room or something. So something like this close helps me out a heck of a lot," Noblit said.

The Sunbury ice rink is open through March 31.

Admission is $5 for adults.

The ice rink allows people to rent skates if they don't have any.