Delbo and Pavlick Dynamic Linebackers

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Cody Pavlick calls the plays on defense for Southern Columbia. "Trips right red," yells out Cody.

"There's a lot of responsibility there," said Jim Roth
"And now our line is starting to get the hang of it. We're starting to get used to each others strengths and weaknesses," adds Cody.

Pavlick is a senior now and a main force at linebacker for the tenacious tigers. Last season he led a (12-1) team with 122 tackles.

"I have to give our front a lot of credit, because they worked really hard in the off-season. With me and Robert Delbo back there it only compliments them because you know when they're doing a good job. We're doing even better because they're doing all the work up front and we go and finish them off," added Cody.

The other part of the Bo-Co combo at linebacker is senior Robert Delbo. He finished off the Red Tornadoes from Mt. Carmel all by himself. Certainly a shining moment for #53.

"Pavlick and I it's been like at least our second year starting at middle linebacker and we both saw some time as sophomores. It helps us out a lot reading we feel a little bit more comfortable with the defense and we also feel like we have more of a grasp on it," said Robert Delbo.

"If people can run the football on you that sets everything else up for the opponent, and right now we're really playing good run defense and really improved in that area," said Jim Roth.

Southern's had some great players over the year's Jerry Marks, Ricco Rosini, and Henry Hynoski who was the 2006 player of the year. They also had three kids go 1st team all-state that season and with Delbo and Pavlick playing the way they are this year they could be right up there for All-State consideration.

"What does playing linebacker mean? Basically playing linebacker to me sir is just hitting. I love to hit," said Robert.

"I mean I love it. You can even ask my other inside linebacker Robert Delbo we both love it and I just love going out and hitting people, and it just gives us an opportunity to go out and perform," added Cody.