Mobile Morgue In Schuylkill County

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In the event of a disaster the coroner of Schuylkill County wants to use a special vehicle.

A crew makes some last minute adjustments to it.  Schuylkill Countys latest investigative tool. A mobile morgue.  Inside you'll find just about everything needed for the coroner and his assistants will need to investigate deaths.  From an autopsy table to a refrigerator to store the bodies.

Contractor Mike Gallagher helped in the retrofit.

"I never seen anything like this at all. It`s kind of a one of a kind thing." Gallagher said.

The mobile morgue can be used for daily operations but it's designed to be taken to areas where there are at least 10  fatalities. Contractor Gallagher explained turning the trailer into a mobile morgue had its challenges.

"Making everything fit in a confined spot like that a little space like that and still be able to move around and work in it ."

The coroner picked Don Snyder's Company to do the work.

"Scary thoughts, no every project is different. We do a lot of specialty projects for Doctor Moylan and install radiation rooms for Doctor Moylan ."

Coroner Doctor David Moylan said he paid for the mobile morgue out of his own pocket.

"This was an investment in a facility that is surely needed. This was about $30,000 for the retrofit ."

The only time the unit would be taken out on the road is during a major disaster. Dr. Moylan hopes he never has to use it in that capacity.