Local Reaction To Potential Shutdown

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LUZERNE COUNTY---A government shutdown is looming and people in Northeastern Pennsylvania are reacting to what that will mean.

The last time it happened was the mid-nineties and that one lasted for 21 days.

Dr. Tim Kearney is chair of the business department at Misericordia University in Luzerne County.

He said as long as it does not last long, a shutdown will do seriously harm the economy.

"I think a short term shutdown, less than a week will probably cause disruption for people, but the long-term effect on the economy won't be especially great," said Dr. Kearney.

A shutdown means no non-essential government services, such as no visiting national parks, no federal WIC nutritional services for women, infants and children, though there may be state money for that.

If a shutdown continues into late October, there will be no money compensating wounded and injured veterans.

Members of Congress and the president will still be paid during a shutdown, but some say they should not be.

"I think that the senators and our representatives probably should learn what it's like not to get a salary if they don't do their work. After all, they took a huge break in the middle of September, instead of doing their work, they took off," said Lynne Hess Cease of Dallas.

"I'm worried about it and I do think that they probably, the senators and representatives shouldn't be getting their pay," said Christian Cease of Dallas.

Most government shutdowns have lasted no more than three days.

The most recent, in the mid-90's, was the longest.

"I do believe we're not going to be in trench warfare, we're going to make progress. I hope I'm right," said Dr. Kearney.


  • Sarah

    You are correct ! They should not receive pay during a shut down. We the public suffer because they can’t come to a decision. Why should we pay the price. We’re in the middle of buying a house. Our closing is currently set for October 18th. Now we may be on hold. We’re suppose to be out of our apartment at the end if October an I’m sure there are many other people out there in the same boat. What do we do of our closing isn’t before the end of the month because our government shuts down. They have no consequence for there decisions.

  • Christina Wanamaker-kemfort

    why should everyone suffer but the people who didn’t do their job! It is totally wrong! Maybe they shouldn’t get paid $230,000 a year for life! They don’t even work all year! They take off for months at a time! These poor people live paycheck to paycheck let them try living like we live for once then maybe they will do there job RIGHT!!!

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