Hip Hop Classroom To Boost Science Education

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POTTSVILLE -- Teachers are always trying to come up with ways to better educate students and today hip hop met the classroom in Schuylkill County.

The auditorium of the D.H.H. Lengel Middle School in Pottsville was turned into a science classroom. The lesson was Newton's law.  The fun comes from a program called FMA Live.

"You learn all the things about force, mass and acceleration and it's really fun show to watch because it's not boring and you have fun watching it," said student Carly Hoak.

Some students were actively involved in the lesson plan. The purpose of all this is to get students interested in the sciences.

"It's just so much better than seeing it on paper or seeing it in a book or smartboard. They're getting to understand how it really affects their life," said science teacher Ted Catranis.

The FMA Live program is sponsored by NASA and the Honeywell Corporation.

"Honeywell paid for it and Honeywell sponsored this with NASA and obviously it's to inspire the kids in doing this," said Cecilia Tejeda of Honeywell.

In the past nine years, more than a quarter million students in three countries have seen the program.

"Next year will be our 10th anniversary inspiring kids and we want to continue doing this for them," Tejeda said.

FMA Live officials say by the end of the year, they will have visited 30 schools on the east coast.

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