Rides and Games At The Bloomsburg Fair

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BLOOMSBURG -- While food is a big part of the Bloomsburg Fair there is a lot more to see and do besides eat. Children and teenagers seem to gravitate toward the rides and games.

There are games scattered all throughout the fairgrounds and there are close to 50 rides at the Bloomsburg Fair.  Some are geared toward children while others are for thrill seekers.

Whether you want to twist and turn, fly high in the sky, or something a little tamer, there is a ride for everyone at the Bloomsburg Fair.

"I've been on the bumper cars a lot of times and I just went on the trampoline.  I'm a little bit dizzy from doing all those backflips," said Samantha Kurian of Bloomsburg.

There are close to 50 rides at the Bloomsburg Fair. Some are near the main entrance. The rest are on the side of the fairgrounds.

"How many rides have you gone on so far today?"
"Three and we just got here a half hour ago," said Cassidy Savitski of Elysburg.
"What's your favorite one so far?"
"Probably one of the fun houses," she said.

Cassidy and Carson Savitski, 9-year-old twins from Elysburg, had a great time on the rides.  Their mom says they had the day off from school, so this was the perfect place to be.

"They're going on all the rides. They have the wristbands to go on the rides today.  It's a good day to come," said Lori Savitski.

Something a little tamer and geared toward all age groups is the sky ride.  It was new last year but this year it has twice the number of chairs.

"It goes from one end of the fairgrounds to the other, giving people a nice gentle ride and a great aerial ride to see the Bloomsburg Fair," said Rick Reithoffer of Reithoffer Shows.

And who could forget the games a staple at any fair. Ava Pruden, age 7, showed off her skill at Skee Ball while her mom watched.

"That's why we come.  That's the only reason.  She's not interested in the food.  She's not interested in anything but the rides and games," said Michelle Pruden of Orangeville.

"I like to get prizes and it's really fun to try and get points," Ava said.