Power to Save: Charitable Coupon Clipping

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DALLAS -- A new service club at Misericordia University has the power to save!

Need some hand soap? All this is 11 cents. All this body wash is eight cents. To you, this might make no sense, but it does to Aaron Orchard, who runs the Misericordia University Campus Clippers group.

"People get coupons for everything, and they pay next to nothing, and we started brainstorming ideas of how we can apply that to local nonprofits and charities in the area," said Misericordia University senior Aaron Orchard.

So in the last month, Aaron and about 100 volunteers and group members used coupons to buy more than $1,700 worth of products for just $10. So how did they do it?

"We used Shopkick. It's an app that when you walk in the stores, you get points, and when you scan items you get points. So we used the gifts cards that we got for free by using shopkick rewards," said Orchard.

They used smartphone apps, newspaper inserts, online coupons, and coupon blogs, and then the club combined its power to save with the power to give. They donated these items to area nonprofits, like the Catherine McAuley House in Plymouth that helps homeless women and children.

"Some of the body washes and soaps and other things that they brought are just a treat for some of our women here and some of the children," said Sister Catherine McGroarty, of the Catherine McAuley House.

"I just was so excited to show the community what we can do with coupons," said Orchard.

Orchard said the group will continue donating its cheap purchases throughout the year because the cost of paying it forward is priceless.