Dog’s Shooting Death Leaves Family Heartbroken

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DELAWARE TOWNSHIP -- A family in Northumberland County does not understand why their neighbor went to extremes and shot and killed their dog.

The German Shepherd wandered into the neighbor's yard near Watsontown when it was shot.

The McNett family took in Rayne a few months ago as a rescue dog.

Not until early Wednesday morning did they have a problem with their neighbor who police said shot and killed Rayne, leaving the family heartbroken.

Kristy McNett remembered the last moments she saw the family pet before Rayne was shot and killed overnight near her home in the Watsontown area.

"About 15 minutes later I heard a couple of gunshots, and I heard the dog bark. I knew it wasn't good," said McNett.

Rayne got loose and wandered into a neighbor's yard, according to state police. The dog set off motion lights, and investigators said Wayne van Blargan shot twice from a distance of 15 feet, killing the McNett family pet.

"I don't know why. I don't know what went on in his head to make him do that," said McNett. "Worst part is trying to tell the kids, we had to tell them this morning she was gone, they're pretty upset."

According to the McNett's neighbor, Wayne van Blargan stays with her but was not available to talk about the shooting.

With Rayne gone and her children in tears, Kristy McNett hopes the person responsible for the dog's death is held accountable.

"Charges are being filed, hope we get justice for Rayne, wasn't nothing she did," she said.

Wayne van Blargan will face charges in this animal cruelty case, according to troopers.

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