Camping Out at the Bloomsburg Fair

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BLOOMSBURG -- The Bloomsburg Fair is a tradition each year for thousands of people, but some take it one step further.

Fred Richter from canton stays on the fairgrounds the entire time camping! Richter says it has been his tradition since 1973.

"We love it; a lot of friends. We all eat here every night, about ten of us. We have a tent we put up. We have supper together every night," Richter said.

Bloomsburg Fair officials say it costs $15 per night to camp at the fairgrounds.

Duane and Lori Castle say that's a bargain compared to hotel prices. They were at the fair for Monday night's concert.

"It's nice just to leave the concert, come out in your camper, not have to make the drive back. We're able to spend the next day to see the full fair," Castle said.

"We came down Sunday afternoon because we wanted to see the Sunday and Monday night programs. We're probably going to be here for another three, four hours," Bill Tyler said.

It's not just people from northeastern and central Pennsylvania who camp out at the fair. Fair officials say there are campers here from Florida and Georgia.

Clem Marteena and his wife drove here from Long Island, New York.

"We can come and go and do what we want. We're just like home, wherever we stop. We love it," Marteena said.

Many of the campers say they've been coming here for years, rain or shine but say this year's sunny skies are ideal for camping.

"It's been excellent. There have been times with a lot of water here. We've been flooded out before. This year's been excellent," Richter said.

Many of the campers say one of the best parts about camping so close to the fairgrounds is they have more time to spend at the fair.