Fair Security Increases at Bloomsburg Fair

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BLOOMSBURG -- Tens of thousands of people walk through the Bloomsburg fair gates every day at the Bloomsburg fairgrounds. Volunteers are stationed at each of the six entrances randomly checking backpacks and purses.

Usually fair-goers just pay and walk in, but this year is different.

"She just asked me to take out my wallet and anything that was in the way so she could see in the bottom and that was fine," says Andrea Bond from Drums.

Volunteers are randomly searching backpacks, purses and strollers at each of the fair's six entrances. Bloomsburg fair officials say the increased security comes after the Boston marathon and Sandy Hook elementary school shootings.

Some people are letting security go through their bags even if they aren't asked. Linda Yanick says the new security measures make her feel safer.

"I have no problem with it. There's nothing in there that could be dangerous," says Yanick. "I think it's a good idea."

Bill Barratt oversees security at the Bloomsburg fair and says there has only been one incident so far.

"She came up and gave $20 to get in, left her change and everything," says Barratt. "She ran out the door because we were searching bags apparently she had something she shouldn't have."

Also new this year was a ban on guns, but that changed a few days later. Now people with concealed weapons permits can still bring guns into the Bloomsburg fair."

"I mean, the right people should have them and we should all be protected but things could still happen if they're not careful," says Deb Kervitis of Seltzer. "If they have a gun they should show it upon entrance with their permit and why they have it. Other than that, no one should have a gun."In addition to the increased security, fair officials banned knives as prizes here at the Bloomsburg fair.