Water Woes In The Abingtons

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Businesses in one part of Lackawanna County were without running water for most of the day when a water main in Clarks Summit burst.

Some of those same businesses were flooded with water exactly one week ago.

The workers from Pennsylvania American Water said they were lucky they found the water main break without having to shut down Northern Boulevard and State Street in Clarks Summit during the morning rush hour.

They spent several hours patching the break on right next to Kost Tire and Muffler.

Kost was one of about two dozen businesses that opened Thursday to find no water. The employees at Kost made due but quickly realized how much they use their running water.

"After every car, we go and wash our hands and everything, so we've got rubber gloves, water free hand cleanser, and different things like that that we can use when we're down a little bit," said manager Matt Carpenter.

Officials from Pennsylvania American Water said a six-inch main broke early in the morning and worked to restore water before the end of the business day. Water was fully restored just before 2:00 p.m. Thursday.

While crews were working on the water problem below the road, business owners were reminded of another water problem above the road. There's still mud and debris left over from when this whole area flooded one week ago. Many of the businesses had to close then, too.

"The flood, the heavy rains kind of cut business down and then this. This is kind of rough for us, we hate to disappoint all of our regular customers. Not to mention the loss of sales, too," said Starbuck's manager Kevin Snow.

Snow decided to close Starbuck's for the day. There was no way to brew any coffee.

Misty Calvert of Clarks Summit had just unloaded three children out of her car down the street when she realized Dunkin Donuts was affected too.

Dunkin Donuts kept the drive-thru open, but could only offer pre-made iced drinks for the day. The manager says at least it's something.

Water was restored to the affected businesses in Clarks Summit around 3:00 p.m. on Thursday.