Tools Taken From Worksites in Nanticoke

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NANTICOKE – Contractors working in one part of Luzerne County have filed reports with police, claiming that more than $10,000 worth of tools have been taken from work sites in the past two weeks.

Dan Dorris told Newswatch 16 that he discovered a locked garage door had been pried open over the weekend, and crooks had taken drills, saws and other equipment.

“We bought the building and we figured we put it back on the tax rolls. That`s what we`ve been doing for the last two years. This past Friday somebody broke into this garage and took $3,000 worth of my tools,” said Dorris. “Three cordless drills, two half inch drills, a right angle drill. You know what I’m saying, that right angle drill is 265 dollars.”

Dorris said he and his nephew are working to restore a double block home on West Noble Street, where an attic fire claimed the life of a woman back in the 1980’s.

Joe Badowski said more than $7,000 worth of tools from were stolen from his worksite, a few blocks away in Nanticoke.

“I need this equipment to make my living. They don’t differentiate from anything. They just take whatever’s there just to make a couple bucks,” said Badowski. “If they’re actually taking it, cutting it and scrapping it, they’re getting pennies on the dollar. For $7,000 worth of equipment, maybe they’ll pull in $800.”

Both men said they’ve bought more locks for their worksite doors and they’re considering security cameras.

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