Filling Empty Store Fronts

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POTTSVILLE -- There are about 17 empty store fronts that dot downtown Pottsville and officials are trying to change that.

Steve Buzalko is helping. Buzalko said he's been working at remodeling a property he bought in downtown Pottsville.

He believes in preserving his piece of history.

"We're going to try and go back to the tin ceiling and school house type lights and it's going to be like the 1920s meet the new century." Bazalko said.

Maria Casey, an attorney, stopped by and toured Buzalko's building. Casey said she is interested in possibly using some space for a new office.

"I think it had great possibilities. I think it's structurally sound. It would make a wonderful office, wide open spaces for clients, really beautiful."

PADCO, the Pottsville Area Development Corporation will soon be placing signs into empty store fronts.  The signs direct people to PADCO's website. PADCO'S executive director Amy Burkhart hopes that someone will buy the buildings and make use of them.

"It's a great opportunity for us to get information about our loan pool to startup businesses as well as our business seminars we have coming up," Burkhart explained.

PADCO officials believe new businesses could attract people to the downtown. Ken Brown said he is visiting Pottsville from western Pennsylvania.

"Tour the brewery, I am a Yuengling drinker, not much, but I always wanted to do it. It's a good day to drive out here and see the town, see the brewery."

Information about downtown Pottsville and PADCO can be found by clicking here.