Enjoying Late-Season Heat On Lake Wallenpaupack

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LAKE WALLENPAUPACK -- We tied a record with 95 degrees this afternoon.

Many people consider summer over after Labor Day but technically this is still summer and we saw that today.  It was one of the hottest days of the season.

We went to Lake Wallenpaupack where a lot of people were loving this September heat.

It was hard to resist putting the boat back in the waters of the lake.

"Beautiful day here today, that's why I'm out here today!"

Pete Sywensky of the Lehigh Valley invited us along as he and his wife went for a late-season ride.

Out on the water we found many scenes of summer, a sailboat out for a cruise, boats and jet skis enjoying a cool breeze in the hot sun, even some unique watercraft out for a ride.

This is what many boaters consider a gift: 90s in September.

That includes Daryl and Jo Gurvais of Wapwallopen who we met up with on our ride.

"This is the best.  This is the best way to play hooky."

When they saw the forecast they knew they had to take advantage of it.

"Monday we planned this and said we're going to take Wednesday off.  I took a vacation day. She's self-employed, so here we are."

And she found the water's still pretty refreshing, too.

"Beautiful, not many people on the lake. it's a great day, man. Great day," said Daryl Gurvais.

One thing about a hot day in September, you pretty much get the whole lake to yourself.  You won't find it like this on a day like this in July.

Barbara Hutchins wanted to keep it a secret how nice the lake is on warm September days when many people have moved on from summer.

"Even if I did have to work I would have taken off. I called my friend who's a nurse.  'I feel a cough coming on, don't you feel a cough coming on?'

There are a lot of boats still in the marinas here, but most were parked.

And those taking advantage of the late-season heat were fine with that.

"Nobody's around," Hutchins said. "I own the whole lake, I feel very, very rich in spirit."