Rescued Dogs Recovering

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DYBERRY TOWNSHIP -- It's the road to recovery for more than 50 dogs after being rescued from a home in Wayne County over the weekend.

Officials say the dogs were malnourished, some with skin disease and major injuries.

Since the rescue, 11 dogs have gone to shelters, more than 20 are in foster care, and the others are at the Dessin Animal Shelter near Honesdale. These dogs still have a long road ahead, but law enforcement officials say they will make sure someone is held accountable.

The Dessin Animal Shelter in Wayne County is a little busier than normal with some of the 55 dogs that were brought there late last week. All of them were rescued from a home in Waymart.

Officials say the homeowner was hoarding more than 60 dogs. 55 were rescued, and at least 10 dogs were found dead.

"Absolutely appalled. It just seemed unbelievable, the scope of it to have so many dogs so poorly cared for. It just broke my heart," said Nancy Malone of Hawley.

Volunteers at the Dessin Animal Shelter say within the last few days, the dogs have really come a long way, from learning how to interact with people for the very first time, and for all of them, learning how to walk on a leash.

"They've never had collars on. They've never been walked on a leash. A lot of them have never been picked up. They've just been left to pretty much live in a pack," said Humane Society Officer Marlene Metzger.

A state dog warden was at the Dessin Animal Shelter to pick up some of the dogs to take to an SPCA in York. He says he will file charges such as operating a kennel without a license.

Newswatch 16 also learned the humane officer for the area will file her own charges.

"They pertain to either the neglect of the animals, or failure to provide food, water, necessary veterinary care and clean and sanitary living conditions. So those will be the issues I'll be dealing with," Metzger said.

Volunteers at the animal shelter say in a few short days they've seen a lot of community support, from people looking to help to local businesses that have already set up fundraisers.

Debbie Moore, the shelter's manager, says she's hopeful that the pups will have a home soon. She also reminds animal lovers, that there are other cats and dogs inside that need a good home.

"Aside from the dogs we just took in, we have 20 other dogs here that are great dogs and they're just sitting here patiently waiting for their new owners to come in

The humane officer and the dog warden tell Newswatch 16 they expect to file charges sometime Wednesday. As for the dogs, there are still some available for adoption. If you're looking for ways to help you can click here.