Teacher Strike Stress

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OLD FORGE -- Teachers are walking the picket lines in Old Forge in Lackawanna County and in the Wyoming Area School District of Luzerne County.

Both strikes come just a few days after the start of the school year, and both are causing stress for parents and students alike.

"I kind of have mixed feelings. I understand where the teachers are coming from, and I also want to see my child in school," said Jackie Overman, a Wyoming Area parent.

"I was kind of excited, and then I kind of wasn't excited because then we have to make up all the days at Christmastime. We`re going to have to go into school for a longer time," said Wyoming area student Nathan Victor.

Old Forge eighth grader Levi Kania has a younger brother, and he said with the strike and no school, his parents are having to get creative to care for him.

"They think it's stupid because they have to like change up their working schedules and things like that," said Kania.

The Sabatelles, an Old Forge family, home schools their son and they said whenever they see teachers walking the picket lines, they are glad they do.

"I really feel bad for the parents because the kids are really missing out on part of their education. I'm glad I home school my son, and his education really isn't interrupted at all," said Carol Sabatelle.