Anthony Sebastianelli Comets Golfer

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With power and precision Abington Heights golfer Anthony Sebastianelli drives it right down the middle of the fairway at the Glen Oak Country club in Waverly.

Sebastianelli's game is sizzling hot this summer after shooting a 69 and 73 to win the County-Amateur tournament and then backing that up with a 67 at the Scranton Municipal golf course to win the Jackman tournament.

"It was nice to win the County it really got the ball rolling into high-school golf. It boosted my confidence and showed me that I could play at the level I've been wanting to play for the whole summer," said Anthony.

Right now Anthony's short game is a little ahead of schedule. He's been right on with irons into the green and his putting flawless.

"My strength now is probably my wedges-my wedges have been on so it's nice to know that inside 100 yards I can get up and down," again said Anthony.

Anthony finished 13th in states last year in AAA. The main reason-he broke his driver he had been using the entire summer two weeks before regionals.

"We we're up here just playing and I hit it and it just didn't sound right, and it wasn't going as far. So I ended up having to scramble and find a driver so I called up Eric Montella because his dad has a couple of drivers lying around. So I ended up getting one of his old Calloway's and I put that in regionals and states. I didn't really like it that much but it was a driver so," added Anthony.

Playing good golf this early in the season opens up many new opportunities at the next level and Anthony is well aware.

"Yes it's exciting knowing that I'm going to be able to play college golf. In my freshman year I wouldn't have believed I would be in this position I'm in now so I'm kind of just along for the ride and hoping it all goes well."