Wyoming County Fair Becomes Family Vacation

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MESHOPPEN TOWNSHIP -- It's an end-of-summer tradition in Wyoming County: time to head to the county fair near Meshoppen in the days leading up to Labor Day.

For many kids growing up on farms in the area, this is the highlight of the summer and they don't just go for the day.  The fair is a week-long vacation away from home.

Emma Sherwood from Meshoppen is a busy girl at the Wyoming County Fair.  Her cows require a lot of work, getting ready to show. She wants to win a bunch of ribbons.

"We have to brush them down and give them stuff like the conditioner you put on your hair, and then we clip them, like give them a haircut and, of course, we give them lots and lots of love."

Kimberly Dewolf from Tunkhannock is busy making sure her cow looks just right, too.

"I use the clippers to shave their stomach, do a top line, and shave around their udders and feet."

Kids all throughout the fair barns are caring for their animals and teaching visitors like us.

"He's 234 pounds and she's 270," said Raeanne Carpenter about her 6-month-old animals. "It's a lot of work, but it's worth it. You learn a lot being here and doing this."

For many of the kids at the fair, they work every day of the year caring for animals on the farm.  This is a vacation from that. They spend the whole week here. There's a campground right outside the barns.

"I look forward to it all year long.  I can't wait to come to the fair.  It's so fun."

A highlight for one family is showing off a week-old calf.

For those in agriculture, there aren't many opportunities to get away from home and all the work.

"Coming to the fair is my vacation, actually. My vacation is now.  So it's fun," said Donna Traver.

They get to enjoy all the rides, all the shows, like the alligators in action, and all the fun with friends, like watching the popular tractor pull, all while getting to show off their hard work with their animals.

"It's fun, time with the animals, rides, friends, time with the family, it's a good time," said Dakota Quick of Tunkhannock.

The fair runs through Monday at the fairgrounds along Route 6 near Meshoppen.