Man Recounts Armed Home Invasion

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WEST HAZLETON -- Two armed men are on the run after looting a man's home in West Hazleton and threatening his life.

It happened on North Third Street around 9:30 Wednesday night.

The victim, Joe Boyle, recalls it was supposed to be a quiet evening in his home with a friend, but all that changed with a knock on the door.

Boyle said he got up to answer the door when someone shoved a gun through the opening.  Two men in masks followed.

They demanded to know what valuables the retired trucker had in the home and ordered him onto the couch.

"They told me to keep my head down so I didn't bother to pick my head up to get a try and get a facial, cause you know I didn't care what their faces looked like. Basically, I knew they were taking my things and I didn't want to get my head blown off," said Boyle.

Boyle said the pair tried to take his oxygen machine, but it was too heavy. That's when they spotted a safe, which he said was full of medication and about $200. The victim said they snatched the safe, made some final threats and ran off.

"The police said they will do the best they can and I know they have a lot of home invasions going on in Hazleton anymore. I guess I was just an easy mark. A lot of people know I'm not in the best of health, I have a bad back and I guess I'm just an easy target," said Boyle.

Boyle and his friend were not hurt.