Neighbors Stunned That Worker Escaped Collapse Without Broken Bones

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PITTSTON – Friends and co-workers of Edward Shucosky said it’s hard to believe that the man trapped in a bucket truck after a concrete collapse was released from the hospital without any broken bones.

Investigators said the man from Pittston was leaving a worksite in Monroe County on Wednesday afternoon, when a 17 ton slab of concrete collapsed from the drive thru at Wayne Bank near the Stroud Mall.

Authorities said it’s still unclear what caused the concrete to topple from the building.

The Chief Financial Officer at Kuharchick Construction in Exeter told Newswatch 16 that co-workers are amazed Shucosky didn’t suffer any broken bones.

"It was remarkable that where it hit the firewall, the engine compartment probably saved his life and being that it`s a steel structure it kind of prevented his feet and legs from getting crushed,” said Rob Bresnahan. “It could have been another foot behind and it probably could have crushed the entire cab of the truck. God knows what would have been the circumstances then.”

Kim Dessoye said she watched the rescue unfold on Newswatch 16, but she didn’t realize that it was her neighbor who was trapped in the truck.

“He’s a great neighbor, our kids play together and I couldn’t believe something like this happened to someone from the neighborhood,” said Dessoye. “I’m glad he’s going to be okay.”