2013 Little League World Series Wraps Up

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The 2013 Little League World Series has come to an end this year wrapping up Sunday afternoon.

A team from Japan played a team from Chula Vista, Calif. representing the West Region.

Japan took home the title this year beating California 6-4.

Dedicated fans came from far and wide to watch the championship game on Sunday.

"Born and raised in Chula Vista, [this] means a lot. Our San Diego Padres haven't done a whole lot, so it's good to support a winning team from the area," Tom Resendez of Chula Vista said.

Fans cheering on Japan this week also were standing strong backing their favorite team.

"They're fundamentally the best team," Logan Simonian of Albany said.

Both Japan and California are no strangers to the Little League World Series.

California has won seven World Series titles, and this year Japan took home its 9th title.

Residents who live close to South Williamsport said it's great to have the sports spotlight shine down on Central Pennsylvania.

"You meet different people from a different country, you tell them where you're from, they don't know where it is until you say Little League World Series. They go 'I saw that on tv. Or I knew somebody that went there,' so it's really cool," Todd Conner of Clinton County said.

Kids we caught up with shared why they like to come out to the series every year.

"Watching other people play and learning the game," Ethan Strickland of Huntingdon County said.

But girls...like the series for other reasons.

"Just to hang out with my friends and get the food and watch the boys on the team and stuff," Emily Conner of Clinton County said.

This year New Jersey governor Chris Christie was honored with the Hall of Excellence Award.

Some estimate that 30,000 people attended the championship game at Lamade Stadium on Sunday.