Little League Team Visits Hospital

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Most of the little league baseball teams had some time off today, so the Australian team stopped by Divine Providence Hospital in Williamsport.

A hospital is not usually fun place to be, but people doing physical therapy got a surprise from "down under". The Australian little league team spent the morning visiting patients at the hospital.

"It was nice meeting people who are going through a tough time," Danny Ivester said.

"It was nice to come here meeting the kids and people who can't do such stuff as us," Caydyn Hancock said.

The team signed autographs and spent some time with cancer patients like Gail Price of Muncy. Price says seeing the kids made this chemotherapy session enjoyable.

"I think it's great that they want to come in and see patients and see what's happening. It's very nice," Gail Price said.

Some of the patients the Australian team visited actually play baseball themselves. For those patients it was a huge honor to meet the Australian baseball team.

"I think it's awesome because it's the first time australia has ever been here and they're my favorite team," Dylan Armson said.

Dylan Armson says he was excited to meet his favorite team during his physical therapy session.

"I love their accents, it's just awesome. Nice kids?  They're really nice," Armson said.

The experience was just as rewarding for the Australian team.

"We're lucky to be able to do this because they can't do the stuff we're doing and we're fortunate to do this," Ivester said.

The ball players say it was a great way to spend their day off from the Little League World Series.