Folks Flock To Airport To See Presidential Planes

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President Obama traveled to Scranton south on Interstate 81 from Binghamton, New York, as the vice president flew into the Wilkes-Barre Scranton International Airport Friday afternoon.

Both Air Force One and Two flew out Friday evening after a brief presidential visit.

With the roar of the engines, Air Force One carried off President Obama as he and his entourage departed the Wilkes-Barre Scranton International Airport.

The presidential visit brought out many who wanted a glimpse of the majestic planes of the president and vice president.

“To see the Air Force One and Air Force Two, something that we`ll probably never see again,” said Lynn Davis from Scranton.

“Just to see it all and so they can remember it, they`re old enough to remember it now so it`s just really cool for them to see it up close and personal,” said Jennifer White from Scranton.

“We were actually here when they were young, when the president came in and we have pictures of them with Air Force One in the background,” said Tiana Muskey, who brought her three children in from Moosic.  “And I thought it`d be really close to try it, see if we could do it today, have a with all of them, put it in their scrap books, it`s just part of history, something neat, that he`s in our area.”

While the president came into city south from Binghamton, New York in a motorcade, Scranton`s native son Joe Biden flew into the airport on Air Force Two and headed out to meet up with the president in Scranton.

They both spoke about affordable education at colleges and universities; something these families told us is much needed.

“I think the topic of the cost of higher education needs to be address on the level of the president but let`s just hope something meaningful comes of it,” said John Farrell of Clarks Summit.

“I really is, and to think, just I don`t even want to fathom how much it`s going to cost us by the time these guy go to college and it is important,” said Muskey.

And their children say they understand the importance of a good education.

“To get a good job you need to get good grades so it`s kind of important that you do well in school,” said Claire Kelly from Clarks Summit.

For reasons of national security, the president and the vice president cannot fly on the same plane.

That's why both Air Force One and Air Force Two were used in Scranton’s visit Friday.

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