Move-In Week At Bloomsburg University

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BLOOMSBURG -- The move in has begun on college campuses throughout our area. There are many excited freshmen and emotional parents busy loading into dorms. That includes first-year students at Bloomsburg University.

We found it can be a hectic day for families, but the school strives to make it go smoothly.

In a matter of minutes, the life of a college freshman is unloaded from the family car or truck then whisked off to a dorm room.

It is a rite of passage for many families: college move-in day and it's playing out on the Bloomsburg University campus all week.

"I'm really excited," said Bloomsburg freshman Tara Gianforcaro. "It's different. It takes a little to get used to but I'm really happy to get away from home and everything."

But for mom and dad, that's not an easy idea to get used to. The Gianforcaros are ready for the tears.

"We're definitely going to be leaving her here and I think it's going to be difficult to say goodbye.  I teared up once on the way up here, but her dad is the one to watch, "Michelle Gianforcaro said.

The Mims will be leaving a daughter at Bloom. Her twin brother will be going to a different school soon.

"It's fine when the other one is still at home, but we don't know what it's going to be like in September when it's an empty nest. It's going to feel strange," said Kristen Mims.

Bloomsburg University has a whole system to make things go smoothly. There are different days and different times for different dorms, even different floors.  And once the families get here, there is a lot of help to make this day easier.

New students and their parents are met by the OWLs, the orientation workshop leaders.

They do most of the heavy unloading and hauling, then help make the freshman transition into college life go smoothly.

"It is fantastic, I love it, I would do it any day of the week."

Sophomore Nico Surace from Scranton says trying to control the tears is also part of the job.

"We're kind of like, 'parents, say goodbye quickly' so we're not all there crying and need 15,000 boxes of tissues."

Move-in day is certainly a day of navigating mixed emotions.

"We know she'll make us proud, but we'll miss her at home for sure," Michelle Gianforcaro said.

About 1,600 Bloomsburg University freshmen are moving in through tomorrow.  Upperclassmen move in Friday through Sunday.

Classes at Bloom start on Monday.