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Two Hurt When SUV Slams Home

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BUTLER TOWNSHIP -- Two people were hurt Tuesday when an SUV slammed into a house near Frackville.

Police in Butler Township say the SUV ran off route 61 around 7:30 a.m. Tuesday.

Experienced police officers say they've never seen anything like it: an SUV buried inside the living room of a home in Butler Township, near Frackville.

The homeowner, David Kulp, was sitting in his living room when the SUV appeared. Investigators say Kulp and the driver, Ethan Kennedy of Mahanoy City, were rushed Geisinger Medical Center near Danville.

According to police, the SUV left Route 61 came between two trees before becoming airborne.  A piece of the SUV is embedded in a tree.

"Witnesses say he was traveling at a high rate of speed. That's still under investigation as to how fast he was going," said Butler Township Police Lt. Dan Holderman. "We've had a few cars into houses, but nothing this bad."

"I didn't walk all the way in there because it looked like the house might collapse. I was just outside the fence," said neighbor Deborah Concel.

Cindy Heiser says her friend David Kulp has had a string of bad luck.

"I was scared. I was crying. I know Dave for 30-some years and I hope he's all right. He was in two motorcycle accidents. He's lucky to be alive from them."

When the crash happened neighbors knew there was something terribly wrong.

"I heard a bang and I looked out the window and I seen smoke and the first thing I thought there was a fire over there, Then I noticed the vehicle and I called 911 right away," said neighbor Bob Griffiths.

Other neighbors said the 45 mile per hour speed limit is ignored by some drivers.

"I know they drive like idiots along the highway here. They go a little too fast for this area," Tracy Yost said.

Police are still investigating why driver Ethan Kennedy lost control and crashed into the home of David Kulp.

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