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Smooth Street, Uneven Curbs

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WYOMING -- Work to repave a busy street in Luzerne County is nearly finished but neighbors and business owners in the borough of Wyoming want to know if the bumpy crosswalks and uneven curbs left by contractors will be fixed.

It's a smoother ride for drivers on Eighth Street in Wyoming but Bob Carpinet says he hasn't seen contractors for about a month. He's wondering if they'll be back to finish the rest of the job.

"My concern is when they're going to do it and if they're going to do it."

The owner of Carpinet Plumbing and Heating says Eighth Street is about an inch and half lower than it used to be.

Carpinet says customers and delivery drivers trying to park on Eighth Street outside his business have to straddle their vehicles on a curb that didn't exist before.  Manhole covers are higher, curbs are uneven, and there are gaps between the sidewalks.

"It's also a hazard for pedestrians that walk. If they slip they can break an ankle real easy here, especially at night if they're not paying attention.  There's a lot of kids going to the park and they run through here," Carpinet said.

Parents who live in this part of Wyoming tell us they are glad Eighth Street was finally repaved but they are growing impatient, waiting for crosswalks to finally be completed.

"There's a lot of traffic.  It's a busy intersection, and the road is not finished so it is a little bit of a bumpy ride," said Holly Rogish.

Rogish says the unpaved crosswalks can be a tricky trek for her kids and her heading to the library.

PennDOT says this project is not complete.

Contractors put work on hold when old drainage inlets started collapsing under the weight of heavy equipment working on the street earlier this summer.

A PennDOT spokesman says contractors are expected to return next week to replace the drains and finish paving Eighth Street, restoring the pavement to its normal level

The work is expected to be completed by the end of this month.