Thousands Camp Out for Peach Music Festival

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SCRANTON -- For the second year in a row, music festival fans are making Montage Mountain their home away from home.

Thousands will be camping on the mountain's terrain and taking in about 30 different bands through Sunday for The Peach Music Festival.

Tractors carried Peach Fest campers to their sites on the ski slopes Thursday.

Folks from Toyota Pavilion and Montage Mountain said after one year of experience, they had it down to a science. But, Newswatch 16 found lots of music fans experiencing the multi-day festival for the first time.

"I'm so excited for the music, I haven't seen a lot of these bands yet so it's going to be a new one for us. Next time we'll remember to bring something with wheels so we don't have to carry everything up, but that's the game plan," said Morgan Beacker of Williamsport.

The Peach Music Festival has stages at all the mountain's attractions featuring about 30 bands whose names you may not recognize, but they draw fans from all over the northeast.

"Mostly, I love Grace Potter, we're going to see Grace Potter tomorrow. [I] love Government Mule, The Allman Brothers are always great," said Shaun Eysaman of New York.

Peach Fest's first day was spent setting up campsites. Thousands of campers will stay on the ski slopes all weekend and take in concerts at Toyota Pavilion and at Montage Meltdown Water Park at Montage Mountain.

The water park is under new management, and they're embracing the fact music fans will be spending the night here.

"This is a great opportunity to show people the water park and we're reaching a whole crowd who may have never been here before. So, it's a great thing for us to do, we're all really excited," said Montage Mountain employee Sarah Farrell.

The Peach Music Festival's return is a sign, organizers think, that Montage and Toyota Pavilion passed the test to host multi-day music festivals.

Now, the concert-goers are waiting to see if this year's festival passes the test. But, it's an easy recipe.

"Music, beer, that's pretty much it," said Mark Gower of Williamsport.

Tickets to The Peach Music Festival are still available at the Toyota Pavilion Box Office.