Nay Aug Park Trails Getting Facelift

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SCRANTON -- A popular place for hikers and runners in Scranton is undergoing an overhaul.

The Davis Trail at Nay Aug Park can be a little too tough for some to climb. So, the city is making changes to make the trail more accessible.

It's hard to tell from the trail's exit near a parking lot in Nay Aug Park, but back in the woods there you'll see spectacular views of the waterfalls of Nay Aug Gorge. Now, the City of Scranton has a plan to make sure more people can come take a look.

Gary Jones of Lenox Township walks The Davis Trail nearly every day, but struggles sometimes when the trail reaches its end.

"Of course, of course, I'm an old man so I slip on that steep stuff, he just runs right up it. But, it's very nice," Jones said.

The city's now making progress on a project to build steps up the steep slope.

Parts of The Davis Trail frequently get washed out, so the city's hoping the new steps will keep hikers off the trail and make it safer for them to get on the observation deck.

"When you get to the part in the trail, it's rough, that's ok because that's what trails are, they're rough. But, we thought, can't we bridge the lower part of the trail to the road?" said Scranton Mayor Chris Doherty.

Doherty said the trail steps are on a long list of improvements that'll be made to Nay Aug Park since the city got a $500,000 state grant.

Plans are to keep some rougher parts of the trail open too.

"I think they should keep some hiking, for younger people, it's more fun. But, families have to come too, so make it more recreational," said Cole Hoffman of Scranton.

"It's a park where people come to picnic all day, they'll use the pool, and they will walk the park and exercise. They kind of led us the way, we should use it in maintaining, just improving what we have," Doherty added.

Mayor Doherty said the new steps on The Davis Trail will make it more accessible, but also easier to maintain in the long run.