Splash Pad Shut Down Again

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WILKES-BARRE -- It took the better part of the summer for the city of Wilkes-Barre to get its splash pad up and running at Coal Street Park, and now the sprinkler is off again.

The splash pad was just installed early last year. It was broken earlier this summer and after thousands of dollars of repair work to get it working again, the city has turned it off for more upgrades.

Children we spoke with earlier say they're not happy about it

Keeping cool in Wilkes-Barre proved to be a challenge this summer. When kids want to escape the heat, the splash pad at Coal Street Park is where they come.

"When it's hot, they like to come and run through the sprinkler, so it kind of is. It's nice when they have them on," said Danielle Bidzicki of Wilkes-Barre.

But that's when it's on. The newly-installed splash pad was broken for most of the summer. After $35,000 worth of repairs the city got it working again at the end of July.

But now, once again, the water is gone.

Aiden Thomas, age 6, of Wilkes-Barre comes to Coal Street Park often hoping to run through the sprinklers.

"The one time I come here, it was only working that day. But all the other times I've come, it wasn't working."

A spokesperson for the city says the sprinklers were turned off earlier this week for electrical repairs and they should be back up and running early next week.

But Aiden and mothers at the park are skeptical.

"Yesterday, I saw them working on it, but I don't know if it works now because they were looking at it and seeing how much water it has in it," Aiden said.

"I don't know (if they'll get it running),"Bidzicki said. "Doesn't seem like it."

There were no crews working when we were there but some work had been done including some new spouts. The plan is to do some electrical repairs so the splash pad is expected to be working again early next week.