Signs of Support in Monroe County

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ROSS TOWNSHIP -- At the Ross Township Municipal building in Monroe County, all was quiet Friday afternoon.

Flowers and notes of support and love have been left behind.

There are now three handmade crosses in front of the building, one for each man killed during a shooting Monday night.

David Fleetwood, Jerry Kozic and James "Vinny" LaGuardia were shot.

Investigators have charged Rockne Newell with the crime; they said Newell was angry with township leaders because of a long-standing property dispute.

Throughout the community, signs of support have appeared since the tragedy.

"We know people that were affected from it, and it's our friends and family. I actually know a couple people that were there and my sympathy goes out for them," said Georgeanne Tokar of Effort.

The signs are spread throughout the area, at businesses and along highways, too.

The support is not limited to signs, either.

"There's a lot of support on Facebook from a lot of people in the community and you know, that's what it's about," said Michelle Stangle of Effort.

"I think people whould pull together in situations like this and work things out together," said Robert Turr of Marshalls Creek who works in the Ross Township area.

"I think it's important because it shows that we're strong and we will stick by each other, even when bad things happen," agreed Tokar.