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PFA Granted Against Millville Police Chief

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MILLVILLE -- A ruling came down Friday in Columbia County court granting a protection from abuse order against Millville Police Chief Ted Stout.

The ruling means the chief cannot carry a gun for a year and a half.

This comes after charges were filed Thursday, accusing him of assaulting and harassing his ex-girlfriend, a fellow Millville police officer.

The court has ordered Chief Stout to stay away from his ex-girlfriend and fellow cop Tori Harrison. A day after a lengthy PFA hearing, the court ruled that Stout has abused Harrison.

She testified about two incidents of physical abuse, being punched and hit plus she detailed continuing emotional abuse and threats at the hands of the chief.

"Hard to believe, that's about the best that I can describe it."

Mayor Jerry Wright sat through much of the PFA hearing.

"The sad part is, nothing presented has anything to do with his job as chief of police. It's his personal life that this is all about."

But the mayor did say a police chief should be held to a higher standard. He just learned that the chief was charged with assault and harassment.

The mayor was waiting to hear the PFA ruling.  It says the chief cannot have or use a gun for a year and a half.

So far he is suspended without pay.

"That's all the borough can do at this point is wait and see and hopefully the truth will come out and someone will make a decision in the court system and the borough will have to act one way or another," said Mayor Wright.

Chief Stout is the only full time officer in Millville.  The mayor says while he's off, part timers are filling the void.  While the mayor says police coverage is fine, there is still a lot of talk in town about the accusations against the chief.

"It's not a very pretty sight for someone who's supposed to be upholding the law. He's the chief of police and she was a police officer, so it don't look too good for us," said Pam Wright of Madison Township.

There are calls for the chief to be fired.

"I think he should lose his job and he should have to move out of here because everyone's talking about the guy," said William Runco of Millville.

But Stout also has supporters in this community.

'I've been around them both. He's been good to me all my life. He's a good guy to me," said Jason Reichenbach. "I just think there's two sides to every story. One person has their story and the other person has their story and who knows which one is true."

Chief Stout also tried to get a PFA against Tori Harrison but that was denied.

The mayor says any further action on Chief Stout's status in Millville will have to come at a borough council meeting.  The next scheduled meeting is August 19.