Municipalities to Learn About Warning Signs

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Neighboring municipalities of the township in Monroe County where a gunman opened fire this week killing three people are already talking about what can be done to prevent that kind of tragedy from happening again.

The image of a crime scene outside the Ross Township Municipal Building near Saylorsburg, moments after the deadly shooting on Monday, still has many in the Poconos in disbelief.

That includes nearby Polk Township Supervisors.

"I am always concerned. I am always concerned," said Polk Township Supervisor Nancy May.

May has been a Polk Township Supervisor for more than 20 years and seen her fair share of angry residents.

But never as angry as Rockne Newell of Saylorsburg who police say opened fire during a Ross Township Supervisor's meeting and killed three people.

Police said he did it because he was upset about ongoing issues with his property.

The day after the deadly shooting in Ross Township, a township supervisor from nearby Polk Township called the Monroe County Emergency Management Agency.

The question posed was how can supervisors prevent another tragedy from happening, specifically what to be aware of when it comes to angry residents.

"Let's look at his incident, how can we do better for not only Ross Township but all the municipalities," said Monroe County Emergency Management Director Guy Miller.

This week, Miller contacted the state police and the Department of Homeland Security.

"One of the suggestions was a psychologist the Pennsylvania State Police have. They study these things," said Miller.

The plan is to get all municipalities together, including Polk Township, to discuss ways to recognize a person who may be a potential threat, like Rockne Newell.

"Perhaps that would be enlightening to everyone. I think everyone needs to be aware," said Supervisor May.

Right now the Monroe County Emergency Management team is organizing the meeting for township officials.

There is no word yet on when that meeting will take place.